Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All about Relationship

Relationship? What does it means? Is it a boyfriend girlfriend thingy? or perhaps a lifetime commitment? Based on my point of view, relationship is term where people used in order to avoid any disturbances from others. Meaning, when you are in a relationship, people don't really into making any move to flirt or even asking you out for a date. In relationship means you are belong to someone else and have commitment on it. Does being in a relationship means you a some sort of belongings? Nahhhhh, forget about that. A secondary school girl can answer my statement. You as my intelligent and smart readers know it well.

Facebook is one of social networking medium which helps people to tell the whole world whether you are single, in a relationship or OPEN RELATIONSHIP. What? What is Open Relationship? Is it a kind of relationship which open to everyone? Yeah, I might consider it as that. In my opinion, there is no such a thing called open relationship. If you want to be in one, just be. Open relationship doesn't bring any good rather than harm to yourself. Why do we need to put up statuses that you are in open relationship with some DOUCHEBAG and proudly to tell the whole world. Does it bring any good to yourself? Does it show that you are good than everybody else? Think about this people.

Next, we have TWITTER. I love to tweet. Twitter is a good medium after Facebook which help people to express their mood anytime and anywhere. One thing about Twitter and relationship is people often updates their current activities every minutes. The best is you can read someone tweets starting he/she madly falling in love with someone, in a relationship to the boiling point of a relationship until it burst into flame. You can learn everything about relationship here in twitter. Love tweeting doesn't means you don't care about your privacy, it helps you like a friend will do, listen to you without being judged.

Here come the finale and interesting part of all, Online Relationship. Again i want to ask my awesome readers, What is Online Relationship? Some says Online Relationship is meant for losers who don't have normal social life. Is it true? Nahhhhh. One word, NONSENSE. Online Relationship is something we have to take noticed. It is like a trend for everyone nowadays. Making friends are fantastic. Building networking is awesome. Creating a love story with online relationship is just a fairy tale. I have my own personal experience. At the end of the day you will get nothing. Only pains and fantasies will become your new love instead of going out find the real one. Only the lucky ones will reach to the top mountain of love through online relationship. Are you my readers are the lucky ones? Tell me everything about it if you are one of them. For me, It doesn't really happens in my world. This is all about relationship.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

High School Love

I never expect I will write again about my high school life for people to read. Many people would say that they will meet their first love here in High School. They are 100% right. I met my first love back in high school and it was the best sweet sour moment in my life so far. I might have crushes and love in university but the love i had before will never be the same as now and ever. The love i had in high school was really pure and I wouldn't change any bit of it. A love story which has once be told and now I'm going to live the dream again.

We first met when I'm in form 1. At first there was nothing feeling involve. It all started in the end of form 2. Hahahahaha. It all started with all normal texting. I never in my concious mind I would got that person number and texting for about a month until Raya. We shared many stuff about each other. When i entered form 3, every morning I will wait for that person to come to school and we will like merepek and talk before go in to the class. It was something I will never forget. It was all beautiful. I thought it just a stupid crush but slowly it became love. Something i never felt before. 15 years old boy who never fall in love and suddenly the love came, he got all excited.

It never takes forever for this group of people to know what's going on between us. They make fun of it. Its like i don't deserve to be loved by people. It would say this group people make my life in high school really sucks. The one that i most upset and sad was to see the person that i admirer, kind, good hearted and the one who care about me just pretend things were never happened between us. It's because the group of people who WERE friends to that person don't approved it. How sad your life was? Now look what they have done to you.

We were classmates in science class until form 5. Your friends had done enough damage to me and none of it i would proud to write here. You never stood up for me, you never care what they have done to me. What we used to share meant nothing to you but i never hold any grudge. Deep down in my heart i do try to hate you but i just can't

You came to my high school musical singing competition and did scream and support me. I did heard it from the video my friend took. It was all memories which i really don't want to keep. The only thing that will remain the same now and forever is I will always love you. People always said that first love is a kind of love will you never forget for the rest of you life. I will never forget.

Now it has been 8 years we met and six of it i spend in love with you. Until now if you ask me whether the pain you caused is still there, I would say yes. The wound you and your friends did will never fade away. Thanks for being my first love and those sweet memories were really beautiful. If I need to choose to go back to the past, I would say no but loving you was never a mistake, it was a good lesson about life to me. have a good life to you. You know who you are......

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The end of three years DRAMA

Well, i have graduated from my diploma in Mass Communication with the Anugerah Naib Canselor. Alhamdulillah. I never imagined that's coming since i started my programme. I still remember the first time i got there, the first person i met was Dhiya (used to call him aizat), then came raydwayne robin. Both of them really dear to me. On the second day of orientation week, i met Ashman Mahfudz. Never thought that I would met this fabulous people.

Faizah, Izah, Chacha and Nadia are those people that have been sticking around with me until the end of Diploma. Couldn't ask for a perfect combo of friends i have met since i stepped myself in Lendu. Then came along, Dayang Atul, Alisa Zubir, Zatil Husna, Amirul Asyraf and Naima Aznam. We used to share, laugh and cry together. Then they moved to Shah Alam pursuing their degree through fast track programmed which i didn't want. At first it was really devastating for Ashman and I but we came through that. Dhiya still and will always be the sengal and caring friend i ever have. We stick around together until the end of our life in Lendu. Love u guys so much.

Then starting of semester 3 we have changed class. I met few others friends and classmates which i adore so much. Eyda, Deela, Adrie, Aishah, Kak Nita, Faris, Sobree, Sha, Nina, Malin, Myra roxy, Kakak fika, Asyraf and Atthiya. They really cool and awesome.

Eyda, Chacha, Kakak fika, Baqek and Deela really help me a lot in many way i couldn't even think of any. The moment few person who really dear to me in my class left me for better opportunity to work in new environment, these girls there for me. Especially Eyda. Thank you so much sebab faham Raz dan sabar dengan Raz. I couldn't ask for better friend and sister like you.

Another big special Thanks to Atthiya and Asyraf. You know what i feel about both of you. I don't have to write here to let you know how important you guys to me. What i could write here is I Love YOU both so much. Thanks for being anywhere and anytime when i needed u the most especially Asyraf. You're the best person i ever met. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Here comes the part where juniors are really good and nice to me. If I could list everyone, i would but it is going to take me ages because everyone is nice. Nabila Ainzam, Jazeli, Apish, Farahin, Nasha, Afiff, Pipi, Ben, Haiqal, Meam, Aimie, Adie, Aliff and like many other. I'm really sorry kalau tak tulis. You guys know it well. I love every each of you so much.

Seniors! Lagi la ramai Raz nak tulis. Bapet the only senior i could think of now. You're awesome. My mass comm senior, padin, ayai, acap, banyaknye. Senior kolej, awear, adeh, parker, japam, akad, amir, afai and lain lain. Thank you so much.

Last but not least, to all the one who used to cheer me up, give me hope and reasons for me to smile everyday, Thank you so much. The names who are not be written who are really close to me you know who you are and why i don't mentioned here. I love every person who have walked into my life. Good luck to you and thanks for giving me a little hope and chance to love you even just for a moment. When you know why you like someone, it's a crush. When you have no reason or explanation, it's love. I have few crushes but the love was just for two person for the past three years.

Thank you so much. All the best to everyone. Hope everyone will succeed in their choices in life. See you guys in the future maybe degree perhaps. Smile.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Under a Tree - a short film

Part 1

Part 2

Teenage Manglish movie, "Under A Tree" follows a trio group of friends as they are squeeze in as much fun and love on their road to self discovery before entering a new stage in their life, Love.

copyright Clover Production

Even though this short film didn't qualified for top 5 in the festival, but i'm really happy that i have produced a short film with all my good friends in Lendu. Those experiences are much more valuable than everything. Thanks to Tengku Nor Aimie, Haiqal Hairuddin, Meam Tuan Hassan and all the cast and crew of Under a Tree. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys really helped me a lot in making this short film.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Under a Tree for FFVPM 2011

Hopefully my group's short film "Under a Tree" will make it into top 5 for the festival. Amin.

(credit to Amri Quzairi for the beautiful poster)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good Friends Vs Best Friends: Which one is you?

The debate between which group you belong in this world will never end. People always asked themselves whether is there still anyone in this world would care about them whenever they broken up with their love ones, have issues with their family or maybe some trouble at work? Friend is a wise word that always pops up first in their mind when they need someone to look for whenever they are down. Based on Oxford dictionary, Friend is a person with whom one has bond mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relation. When I write sexual, it doesn't mean SEX the verb. More towards the gender. You know I was fooling around with my words. The mutual affection is something hard to find in a group of people that we called friends. The real question is , which group are you people belong into? Good Friends? Best Friends? or just a NORMAL Friends?

It is hard to classify the name for any relationship in this world. We are living in an insecure world, surrounded with many problems and unidentified behavior from people. We tend to think who will bare to stand our incredibly annoying behavior and do not judge us whenever we make mistake. The six letter word is the answer. Sometimes people might strongly disagree when I say a friend understand us more than our family members. Who said family members cannot be our friend. We live in this world to find friends. I personally friends with my own siblings. We share, we love and we smile together but at a certain point, there will be some limitation in sharing out our life information. However, my siblings are awesome but i'm not ready to share everything with them because my colour of life may not suitable with their preferable of colour.

My dearest readers, the real issue that I want to raise up is which category of friends do you belong to? Imagine you have been closed to someone for about few years. You share everything, you do whatever he/she likes or prefer to, you will do anything to make sure he /she alright. At the end sometimes you feel you just only a human being that he/she just consider you as one of his/her normal friends. What would you react at that point? What would you feel at that point? In my opinion, it is hard to put a label in any kind of relationship. As a grown up person, you should know what is best for you and the most important thing is appreciate those who are really care about you while you can. Who knows with your ignorance, the person that care about you the most might vanished from you eyesight forever. It only takes a drop of rain.

It is not uncommon for us to want have "proof" or reassurance that someone we care about returns our feeling of affection. Friendship is a holy relationship. Appreciate the people that care for you. That's one of the reason it's important to understand the language of friendship of a person we care about. Some people just show their affection in a different way than we do. We can't expect everyone would react the same way we do. And the chances are, if we are in a friendship or love relationship perhaps with a "strong silent type", we have just to bare with it. Not saying you are the bestest friend I ever had doesn't mean that you are not important to me. Friendship is a kind of relationship that is important in life. Good Friends, Best Friends, or Normal Friends are all just a brand in Friendship. Don't ever put price or label your friendship because it is not something that you can buy everyday. Appreciate them while you can. For those who have a facebook account, go wall your friend and tell them how much you appreciate their friendship. For those who are not, a simple sms wouldn't hurt anyone.

Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm the lucky one?

What does it means?

Whenever people talked about luck, they must say that no one in this world is lucky enough. What do we know about luck? I only know one thing, family and friends. I'm the lucky one who have family who loves me and friends which always support in me in anyway. However, internal side of myself does not feel that I'm the lucky one.

In my opinion, luck for me equal to stupidity. We always want to try our luck on something. I always try my luck to find a true love. Every path that I choose till now is always a wrong path. I don't know the real meaning of love anymore. I always asked to God why this happened to me? It's really weird and interesting sometimes. You let me close to someone and suddenly when I'm starting to fall for that person, You will not return that favor I have prayed. Somehow, I do not put the blame on you because everything that has happened, happens for a reason.

Now I'm trying to put everything behind. I do feel lonely sometimes but who doesn't kan. I'm trying to make myself a lucky one but in road of doing that, there will be many obstacles. What that i can do is pray to God that no matter how hard the road i have chose, keep me go stronger and bolder than ever......