Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good Friends Vs Best Friends: Which one is you?

The debate between which group you belong in this world will never end. People always asked themselves whether is there still anyone in this world would care about them whenever they broken up with their love ones, have issues with their family or maybe some trouble at work? Friend is a wise word that always pops up first in their mind when they need someone to look for whenever they are down. Based on Oxford dictionary, Friend is a person with whom one has bond mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relation. When I write sexual, it doesn't mean SEX the verb. More towards the gender. You know I was fooling around with my words. The mutual affection is something hard to find in a group of people that we called friends. The real question is , which group are you people belong into? Good Friends? Best Friends? or just a NORMAL Friends?

It is hard to classify the name for any relationship in this world. We are living in an insecure world, surrounded with many problems and unidentified behavior from people. We tend to think who will bare to stand our incredibly annoying behavior and do not judge us whenever we make mistake. The six letter word is the answer. Sometimes people might strongly disagree when I say a friend understand us more than our family members. Who said family members cannot be our friend. We live in this world to find friends. I personally friends with my own siblings. We share, we love and we smile together but at a certain point, there will be some limitation in sharing out our life information. However, my siblings are awesome but i'm not ready to share everything with them because my colour of life may not suitable with their preferable of colour.

My dearest readers, the real issue that I want to raise up is which category of friends do you belong to? Imagine you have been closed to someone for about few years. You share everything, you do whatever he/she likes or prefer to, you will do anything to make sure he /she alright. At the end sometimes you feel you just only a human being that he/she just consider you as one of his/her normal friends. What would you react at that point? What would you feel at that point? In my opinion, it is hard to put a label in any kind of relationship. As a grown up person, you should know what is best for you and the most important thing is appreciate those who are really care about you while you can. Who knows with your ignorance, the person that care about you the most might vanished from you eyesight forever. It only takes a drop of rain.

It is not uncommon for us to want have "proof" or reassurance that someone we care about returns our feeling of affection. Friendship is a holy relationship. Appreciate the people that care for you. That's one of the reason it's important to understand the language of friendship of a person we care about. Some people just show their affection in a different way than we do. We can't expect everyone would react the same way we do. And the chances are, if we are in a friendship or love relationship perhaps with a "strong silent type", we have just to bare with it. Not saying you are the bestest friend I ever had doesn't mean that you are not important to me. Friendship is a kind of relationship that is important in life. Good Friends, Best Friends, or Normal Friends are all just a brand in Friendship. Don't ever put price or label your friendship because it is not something that you can buy everyday. Appreciate them while you can. For those who have a facebook account, go wall your friend and tell them how much you appreciate their friendship. For those who are not, a simple sms wouldn't hurt anyone.