Sunday, June 7, 2009

A boring weekend

Doing nothing today except i went to QueensBay just now to tran
sfer Gossip Girl from Shuhada.

I want to tell everyone about all the people i love so much in Penang.

Shuhada Rabi

Who is Shuhada Rabi? Raz start close to this person kalau x silap when Raz in form 4. Ingat lagi we always lepak dekat hallway near to koperasi. She is really sweet girl and help me alot back then and still now. She loves photography so much. This december girl always suka snapping picture and edit it. Dulu Raz suka suruh dia snap my picture and edit it and masuk dalam myspace.Hehehehehehe. I use to have crush on her tapi friendship is always de best.I love you shu. Even though we miles apart tapi our friendship will never sank. Kalau nak tulis pasal this girl memang panjang. Esok pun tak abis bcoz i have millions things to talk about.

Zamir Alhady

I really hate you right now and going punching your face soon but man, i love you. This guy nama Zamir Alhady. I know many girls adore him so much even my college friends. I start to close with this maniac masa class agama and eventually Raz kawan baik gak dgn his best friend that time till now, Arina Banana . Since that we are true buddies. Macam adik beradik dah. Share secret and gossiping about people. That's us. Believe it or not this guy sangat obses with Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives (So do I). It's so lame but who care's btw. He always be there for me kalau Raz ada masalah. Loves u man.-P/s:not in gay way!hahahahahahahah. Hopefully we will friends forever and i will sing for free at your wedding.Hahahahahaha

Azeem Mohammad

Love this person so much.(also not in a gay way). Azeem and I been friends since form 1 lagi. He is the longest friendship i ever have. Thanks to you~! He is my bowling buddy and lepaking buddy at night when we are totally hungry and obviously u can know it by looking at the picture.Hahahahahaha. Always worries about his hair. I dunno why!hehehehehe. He's going to fly to Aussie or maybe i dunno where it is next year. I'm going to miss u so much azeem. Enjoy the time with him still we can. Jom party. One major thing i want to share about azeem is he is really nice,good and caring friend. He will leave a party if one of his friends have a probs.
What you've done to me i will remember forever and ever.

Elly Rose . Azlyn Fauzi . Aiman Syazwan

Apa la Raz nak merapu pasal diaorang ni. Let me start one by one.


Budak ni suka posing.hahahaha. Dia part time model in Penang. Maybe?(jangan marah yea) The best partner in crime ever. We talk and gossiping everyday. Takpernah boring pun. We only kenal each other baru one year but sometimes Raz and Elly feel like we know each other since forever. Dia kakak paling sporting even though lain mak and ayah plus we same age.Hehehehehehe. Obses makan roti canai bila lepak kat mamak. Our same hobby is lepaking in starbucks sambil checking out people around us. Hahahahahahaha. Looking forward to meet you this week.

Budak ni Raz kenal dia dah lama since standard one lagi. The best and unforgetabble memory dgn dia masa kitaorg standard four. We entered singing contest together and duet a song called "Bunga Berkembang"
i know its sound sangat lawak but that was one of the happiest time in my life. Until now kitaorang close mcm adik beradik.

One word to describe this person. Senior! Aiman is my senior in Mass Comm. Dia sekarang ambik degree in Public relation. Abang kepada Elly yang sangat cool. We share the same interest which is Gossip Girl.Hahahahahahaha. Dia ni pun is a good listener. Always treat me like his brother. And one thing you should know Aiman can read my mind so fast especially about hot people. Aiman has lot lots of hot friends which i loving it.

I have so many people to write about. Will keep it updating!
i love penang so much!