Monday, June 15, 2009

The Last Love Letter

I know one day you will read this. I just want to tell you that I never ask to love you so much. You've been my good friend during my last December breaks.
I never expected i will fall for you this much.
I know now we are not close like before.
It's all because I love you so much.
Can i ask you something?

I want you to have the happiest journey in your life.
I want you to still pursue your dream since you were small.
I believe you can be that person that you want to be one day.
Thanks for everything.
You came to my life and let me be your friend once before.

Now, you've found someone that can love you more than i do.
Hope that person can cheerish your life and make you the luckiest person on earth.
The most important thing is that person will able to keep your dream alive
And make you smile and far away from tears

I wont cry anymore.
I think cukup untill here.
The only thing matter to me that you will happy always.
No matter if i already move on with my life, i just want you to know i'll never love someone like i love you.

You are the best thing so far happened to me.
I know it is the stupidiest thing to fall in love with you
I will always love you till the end.......

Razaleigh Zain


  1. i think that is the best way.
    memories will remain forever in ur heart..

  2. i know aiman.....
    spending time with that person
    we talk everything about our dreams semua will remain in my heart forever

  3. that girl should be lucky to be ur friend sayang :')

  4. i will love that person till the end