Sunday, July 19, 2009


I know what i'm going to write dah boring sangat for people to baca. But,Raz still a human being. How many times sekali pun i said i dont want to write about that person,still i will keep writing. I've talked to friends about this. Even at a point raz cry in front of Ash and people thought i was crying for Mj. Why raz should love dia so much sampai macam ni? I know i cant touch you and make you love me. Entah la.....I've wrote in my blog before yang raz will going to forget about that person sampai bila-bila tapi as i keep distance myself dari dia, my love build lagi stronger. Bayangkan la everyday i bump and jumpa dia. Saper tak tension! I love you so much la beb. I know i will not have you and find my true love. Dah macam satu curse for me. I just have to live my life as usual la even though i've heard dia dah move on with someone and apparently they have their own theme song. WTF? You know i can read that in your facebook. However at last, bukan my right nak mengamuk or jelous.Who am i to jelous sedangkan dia not even care pasal raz. I love you but you dont even care pasal my feeling. Kalau nak kata you dont even know i've fall for you, you bluff me la. We almost talked about this but nak kata apa. I screwed it up. Razaleigh Zain. Saper tak kenal dia. Suka buat bagus and rasa dia super duper hot. Always deny every thing yang orang cakap pasal dia even it is so damn true. Sekarang padan muka to me. Now dia dah move on so i should let it be la. Why i should be so sombong bila dia say hi on my first day in semester 3. I'm so stupid kan. Now, langsung dia tak nak cakap with me. Tapi since forever dia xpernah care pun. After all we've been through even though in facebook sekali pun, you just pretend macam xpernah jadi apa sekalipun. The last 6 months is the best time in my life. we share everything. From our favourite drinks to our ultimate ambition in life. I will appreciate it forever. I will save all the memories inside my heart. POYO? Memang raz suka buat teruk.


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