Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fly away piece by piece

Slowly Raz rasa semua semakin berubah. Day by day, month by month and year by year semua semakin berubah. Raz kadang-kadang tak sedar semua ini berlaku. Raz pernah sayang Shu dan semua sekarang dah tinggal kenangan. Now i say it out loud. Our friendship sekarang dah hilang. Bila Raz masuk uitm, hoping to start everything new. But kuasa tuhan i met someone and again benda yang jadi kat Raz masa form 3 happened once again. But this time Raz sayang dia more deeper than i ever felt before. Tapi as i said, my luck belum sampai masanya. This not work out. Tapi bagi Raz la, orang tu seorang manusia yang sangat baik. Mungkin i will never find someone dah macam ni lagi. Now plak kawan Raz dah ada new groupie. Why should i jeles at the place? I love her as a friend and not more than that. and again the question is why Raz patut jeles dengan dia. Or maybe Raz memang sayang dia dari first time i lay my eyes on her. Perasan Raz je kut. I still hoping dia akan jumpa someone yang boleh sayang dia. I know i cant give her happiness. That's why i'll never say it clearly that i love her i guees! Bodoh kan. Sayang orang pun boleh guessing2 lagi. Overall my life here in lendu will be a historical things that ever happened to me in my life. I wish someday i will find someone will cheerish my day till the end of time. Hopefully kan.


  1. the right time will come for the true love regardless if its friendship or love; love. semua makhluk tuhan akan dijodohkan bersama. enjoy the friendship to the end, regardless what obstacles will happen. friend comes, friend goes. best friend sometimes don't exist but true friends stick until your graveyard. maybe its distance separating everything but deep inside it will never fade. take care and be joy with what you still have. and fear not, i won't tell =)

  2. hey.
    i jz read ur blog.
    felt really guilty rite nw.
    take care k.