Friday, September 25, 2009

My letter to editor got published :)

My letter to editor got published in two major publication. The Star and Asia one :)

Thursday September 24, 2009

Yasmin is the icon of 1Malaysia

WITHIN 100 days of Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak becoming Prime Minister, we have seen notable changes. 1Malaysia has been introduced to Malaysians, to unite the various races and religions, to forge unity and form a strong bond among us.

Every day we see Malaysians of all races gathering at their favourite mamak stall to have their daily dose of roti canai and teh tarik after long hours at the office.

Back in the old days, we never discriminated against anyone on account of skin colour or racial background; we played and studied together and enjoyed together as one multi-racial group.

All of these good values can be found in the work of the late director Yasmin Ahmad. She has always pictured us as 1Malaysia and has showed us the true meaning of 1Malaysia a long time ago, through her work from Rabun to Talentime.

She started the whole 1Malaysia spirit even before it became a thrust policy of the new administration. Why the change in perception and interest in her works after 1Malaysia has been introduced?

Is it because of the new thrust policy from the new administration is on the same track as her ideologies or works, or are people just starting to realise the real meaning of 1Malaysia?

I remember her first feature film released to the public, Sepet. It was one of the most controversial movies in the Malaysian film industry.

She took a different tack, challenging her audiences to disregard the differences in race between her characters. The issue drew strong reaction from the public and media.

After her death, a private television station aired all of her films throughout the week.

Now we see things differently. It is already 52 years of independence for Malaysia. Society has started to handle issues in a positive manner. It shows how her works have changed people’s perceptions.

I hope we will appreciate her effort to promote unity among the races in Malaysia. Yasmin Ahmad is the real icon of 1Malaysia.

Bayan Baru.


  1. congratulations. read it and it was a great one. keep in going and my far far away or "have-no-connection-at-all" cousin can be a news reporter soon.. hehe

  2. congrats raz! tapi agak kosong la article nie, ayat sangat plain skit....