Thursday, April 29, 2010


What do we know about rasa? Taste? Feeling? Heart? or Love? It's not easy when it comes to a part where we need to think and make a choice. What kind of choices do we have? Sometimes there is no choice in life that we can choose. The road and our path of life have been written since the day we were born. We cry whenever we want to.

Tapi kadang - kadang kita tend to feel that we in love with someone. Is it love, lust or just a sweet crsuh? Entahla kan. Susah and it is really subjective. Kadang - kadang kita yakin that person is meant to be with us but we need to look at the mirror which show you the reality of life and how it works.

Semua orang boleh rasa apa yang diaorang nak rasa. For me rasa paling indah bila kita jumpa orang yang kita sayang tapi at the end we have to let the person we care so much go. There's not even near to getting into a relationship but we know that person is the one we fall for. No matter what happened in life before we need to keep looking forward for our own benefit and future. Trust me, the only way to get what you want in life is by letting all your past behind.

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