Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I dream to be an engineer.
I dream to be an astronaut.
I dream to be a teacher.

I always wanted to make one wish. A wish that one day all my dreams may come true. Everything for me right now is blurry. I don't even have any clue what is going to happen tomorrow. What do i really want actually in my life? I'm blessed with a loving family and a good education. I'm so passionate about anything to do with movies and music. I guess it's already in my DNA since my father obsessed with karaoke. I remember when my siblings and I were small, he always took us to watch movies in the cinema and bought lots of karaoke cds. He even recorded us using his big video camera and audiotapes. I really wish i could go back to that time which everything was easy for me.

Everything has changed tremendously in my life now. People always says that once you have step your foot in university, it is like a huge step for you to make your dream come true. Maybe they are right with that quote but for me you can achieve what you want and make your dream comes true without going to University. Education is subjective. We can get it everywhere and anyplace. However, parents always be skeptical about this matter. For them sending their children to university can make them a better person. I guess so but there is always somewhere wrong about that saying. Opportunity that has been given to them by government sometimes being used a key to enjoyment. What do i mean by enjoyment? Well, those who are born in rich and wealthy family may think education is like more to hobby rather a key to achieve dreams. I write this because i'm concern and what things to be different, not that I'm smart or anything. People perception is very hard to know.

Talking about perception. What it has to do with dream? Perception may kills your dream sometimes. Skeptical about someone work or masterpiece is a big yes to a key of failure. Why do i say this kind of thing? It's always a reason behind every word. Let it be a great mystery to me because i couldn't even give the answer. The most important thing is always believe in yourself. No matter how harsh people talked and criticized you or your work, take it as pieces of puzzle that can complete your life as a valuable and successful person. Always believe in what you have done because at the end of the day, it is hard to convey people how valuable your work are. Everything that we have done in this world, it is a part of lesson to make us a better person in the future.

This already at fourth paragraph and there is no conclusion when we talked about dream. I dream big and wild. I don't care what people may say to me. They might think that i'm to ambitious and they also might say please live my life in a reality world instead living my life in a wonderland. To be imaginative about thing might happen in the future is not forbidden. We have to dream big in order to create a storyline of life. I have nothing to hide when i talked about dream. Imagination plays a big role in dream. Sometimes we have to dream beyond than our imagination. Limitation is for those who love to step into the world of failure.

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  1. this an awesome post. good job. it's like you reading my mind out loud. haha
    kudos to u man.