Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm the lucky one?

What does it means?

Whenever people talked about luck, they must say that no one in this world is lucky enough. What do we know about luck? I only know one thing, family and friends. I'm the lucky one who have family who loves me and friends which always support in me in anyway. However, internal side of myself does not feel that I'm the lucky one.

In my opinion, luck for me equal to stupidity. We always want to try our luck on something. I always try my luck to find a true love. Every path that I choose till now is always a wrong path. I don't know the real meaning of love anymore. I always asked to God why this happened to me? It's really weird and interesting sometimes. You let me close to someone and suddenly when I'm starting to fall for that person, You will not return that favor I have prayed. Somehow, I do not put the blame on you because everything that has happened, happens for a reason.

Now I'm trying to put everything behind. I do feel lonely sometimes but who doesn't kan. I'm trying to make myself a lucky one but in road of doing that, there will be many obstacles. What that i can do is pray to God that no matter how hard the road i have chose, keep me go stronger and bolder than ever......

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