Sunday, December 6, 2009

The beginning of a new ending

Nothing make sense kan title post Raz kali ni.

It make lots of sense to me.

It is the ending of something that i'll never get a chance to begin with.

I have tried to make someone to love me really bad. At the end, who i am to do so.

It's really breaking my heart but i cant make you love me even i tried so damn hard.

U aint going to love me for who i am.

Ending the journey of trying make someone to love me.

But well, it is a new trigger beginning to me.

Uitm stuff and result will be out soon on 10th December. Takut yang teramat for the result.

Going to finish my diploma instead of flying away to the future using fast track programme.


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  1. hello..
    amboi ade belog ke?
    xsngka la....
    hahahah...well nice entry...