Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The end of three years DRAMA

Well, i have graduated from my diploma in Mass Communication with the Anugerah Naib Canselor. Alhamdulillah. I never imagined that's coming since i started my programme. I still remember the first time i got there, the first person i met was Dhiya (used to call him aizat), then came raydwayne robin. Both of them really dear to me. On the second day of orientation week, i met Ashman Mahfudz. Never thought that I would met this fabulous people.

Faizah, Izah, Chacha and Nadia are those people that have been sticking around with me until the end of Diploma. Couldn't ask for a perfect combo of friends i have met since i stepped myself in Lendu. Then came along, Dayang Atul, Alisa Zubir, Zatil Husna, Amirul Asyraf and Naima Aznam. We used to share, laugh and cry together. Then they moved to Shah Alam pursuing their degree through fast track programmed which i didn't want. At first it was really devastating for Ashman and I but we came through that. Dhiya still and will always be the sengal and caring friend i ever have. We stick around together until the end of our life in Lendu. Love u guys so much.

Then starting of semester 3 we have changed class. I met few others friends and classmates which i adore so much. Eyda, Deela, Adrie, Aishah, Kak Nita, Faris, Sobree, Sha, Nina, Malin, Myra roxy, Kakak fika, Asyraf and Atthiya. They really cool and awesome.

Eyda, Chacha, Kakak fika, Baqek and Deela really help me a lot in many way i couldn't even think of any. The moment few person who really dear to me in my class left me for better opportunity to work in new environment, these girls there for me. Especially Eyda. Thank you so much sebab faham Raz dan sabar dengan Raz. I couldn't ask for better friend and sister like you.

Another big special Thanks to Atthiya and Asyraf. You know what i feel about both of you. I don't have to write here to let you know how important you guys to me. What i could write here is I Love YOU both so much. Thanks for being anywhere and anytime when i needed u the most especially Asyraf. You're the best person i ever met. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Here comes the part where juniors are really good and nice to me. If I could list everyone, i would but it is going to take me ages because everyone is nice. Nabila Ainzam, Jazeli, Apish, Farahin, Nasha, Afiff, Pipi, Ben, Haiqal, Meam, Aimie, Adie, Aliff and like many other. I'm really sorry kalau tak tulis. You guys know it well. I love every each of you so much.

Seniors! Lagi la ramai Raz nak tulis. Bapet the only senior i could think of now. You're awesome. My mass comm senior, padin, ayai, acap, banyaknye. Senior kolej, awear, adeh, parker, japam, akad, amir, afai and lain lain. Thank you so much.

Last but not least, to all the one who used to cheer me up, give me hope and reasons for me to smile everyday, Thank you so much. The names who are not be written who are really close to me you know who you are and why i don't mentioned here. I love every person who have walked into my life. Good luck to you and thanks for giving me a little hope and chance to love you even just for a moment. When you know why you like someone, it's a crush. When you have no reason or explanation, it's love. I have few crushes but the love was just for two person for the past three years.

Thank you so much. All the best to everyone. Hope everyone will succeed in their choices in life. See you guys in the future maybe degree perhaps. Smile.

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